Spending 6 months on development


5 Modes will  be available  





Pendling Orders

Switch any mode you want to run


Draw your line till the expected pending orders end time

Breakthrough / Resistant

Control all parameter on the chart

 Line   Lot   TP   SL   Trend
xx    xx   xx    xx   xx

Independent Orders Control View List

Double click to switch Buy / Sell 

5 Modes

Chosen by you

Auto Street
Master  On

Order Lot size will follows your setting

TrendLine will draw as red dot line like this one

Get data from Cloud

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 8.28.13 PM.png

Take profit & stop loss follows the Cloud data

details shows in table  

Double click to change your direction

Manual  On

Setup your Order Lot size,

TP & SL before drawing each line 

Every line can be different

Trend Line will be in sharp pink.

while price hit, it will change colour and detect the perfect moment to enter the market

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 8.28.13 PM.png

Independent orders details

After drawing the line

default direction will be shown

Double click to switch

Master  Off

Once Master Mode is 'OFF'

ALL Cloud Trend line will be deleted

Back to 'NORMAL'

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 8.28.13 PM.png
Manual  Off

Line(s) will remain here but it cannot place orders or run. Just a normal trend line

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 8.28.13 PM.png
FEMode On
Street  On

Manually place order(s) on mobile / desktop

Invisible TP / SL protect every user(s) from their broker

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 8.28.13 PM.png

Invisible REAL TP 

#1 buy 0.01

#2 sell 0.01

Invisible REAL TP 

Fake Take Profit && Stop Loss

Auto Street  Mode

Inrex indcator

Scalping Strategy 




Invisible Take Profit

Upgrade Policy

Version 1.0 till Version 2.99 is FREE upgrade

Five Elements Mode will be included


FiveElements is my last product and spent 6 months on developing every part and still working on it and Also I will combine all the useful logic of my all EA created into FiveElements without Martingale . EA included (FinalMission && StoneBreaker && TrueOrDare && minerParafly && Infinity )

Also Ea aim for profit more than control risk . Time is very important and no one know what happen next year . So I never trust backtest result . Make 100% as soon as possible is more important . FiveElements works on 5 parts ->

  1. Drawing Mode (Half Auto) : Users can draw objects on the chart (At the moment only Lines Object) with Special logic to open orders after Pull Back 

  2. OnStreet Mode : which users can also trade on street by Mobile Apps and Ea would handle the orders for the decisions .

  3. AutoOnStreet Mode : Ea will trade for users by Scalping when there is a opportunity to trade . 

  4. FiveElements Mode (Full Auto) : What I have done on Demo for 6 months is over 1522.54% . ( will be added v3.0 around End of Nov )

  5. Master Mode : Users can copy my all Objects signals to trade , the positions will follow by my manual trade . ( will be added v3.0 around End of Nov) .

All Modes can work together with different combos   


Signals <------ Check all signals from here 

Indicator using :                                                                                                                  !tab=tab_p_overview


Drawing Mode -- (Protection logic to control buy at the highest and sell at the lowest  // will open after pullback)

Drawing Mode which is for Manual users to draw objects line on the chart after they can go to enjoy life  

Users can switch direction by double click the text (Breakthrough or Ranging) , so It's easy to control .

and Not everyone open trade with same order open price to crash the strategy . It's a challenge and also a tool  . 


OnStreet Mode 

Users not always trade in front of computer , so OnStreet mode works for you . 

OnStreet mode you can set your own setting TP/  SL /  Lot size , when users open trades via Mobile MT4 . You decision will take care by this mode . 


AutoOnStreet Mode 

It's the first Auto mode in FiveElements , which focus on Scalping Strategy , when it's a good opportunity it will open order . The logic include my indicator (Inrex Indicator) .


FiveElements Mode -- (Will be available on/before 2.99 Version)

FiveElements Mode which I have done 1522.54% . Max 700% months . Be honestly I was controlled also by my skill , that's why I have spend so much time on it to make it full auto , So everyone can enjoy this part . 

which I will collect the useful logic from my previous EA and add new logic to find out support and resistant to trade . After done this mode I will disclose a little how it works here .

I predicted will be finish before Nov .


Master Mode -- (Will be available on on/before 2.99 Version)

which users can exactly copy my support and resistance from my manual trading terminal . Users also know how to trade daily basis . 

my last signals have done 20% monthly 




- No grid. No martingale 

- Smart Breakeven Protection (Us Session without Breakeven need increase the profit until TP hit  )

- Protection logic to control buy at the highest and sell at the lowest :: will open after pullback

- Freedom control your performance by Drawing Mode (Makes trading easier) // Users can make Scalping Strategy or Trend with Breakeven Strategy by yourself 

- Make more than 100% as soon as possible if you want . by FiveElements mode I made 700% in one night . Don't waste the Trend . 


Recommended pair to trade    : XAUUSD GBPUSD

Recommended broker              : All ECN brokers are suggested 

Recommended TimeFrame     : M5 with OnStreet Mode

Recommended capital              : >500 USD 

Recommended Lot size            : 0.01 Per 500USD (Finally depends on yourself) FiveElements mode will be auto

 Parameter (I dont suggest to use .set // It's useless for FiveElements)

- Users to set almost everything on the chart to control orders (No need refresh EA) && LotSize // TakeProfit // StopLoss 

- Breakeven will be 160pips .


Important support ::

I will start taking education videos to help all of you how to find out support and resistance so Five Elements will be very powerful .  

from 2.0 version , I will add more functions to help Manual Users such as Fibonacci , Support and Resistance zone to set orders . 


About BackTesting :

AutoLotSize is added into the BackTest , but on Live or Demo version will not be available because Everyone should make their style .Will follow by set lot by user


1.1   FixBug of accessing database 

1.2   Added OnStreetMode and AutoOnStreetMode

1.3   Optimised Drawing Mode with Inrex Logic

1.4   Optimised AutoOnStreetMode