01 Install Your MT4 Platform

If you don't have an MT4 platform in your computer, please go to your broker and download it for MQL4 EAs. Because MetaTrader has already upgraded to MT5 which not very common at this moment. 


02 Login to Demo / Live Account

You want to try your demo version, you need to login to a demo account of your expected broker. It is because every broker has their own limitation. You wanna use the EA in that broker, later on, you better use their demo to try will avoid unnecessary problem while running EA in a future Live account.

​Step 1 : Click File -> Open an Account

Step 2 : Pop up screen  -> Click "add new server like access.metatrader5.com:443" -> Scan (until you see the server is on list) -> "Next"


Trading Servers should be provided by broker while you registered demo account. Please check your email before taking this step

Step 3 :  Choose Existing trade account -> enter Login & Password (Provided in broker's demo email)​

Step 4 :  Check the Connection Status 

You Have Successfully Connected with Broker's Server


03 Install Expert Advisors / Indicators

The MT4 Forex Trading platform provides traders the opportunity to add custom indicators and expert advisors as part of their trade tools. This is one feature which makes the MT4 so popular among traders. To be able to use your indicators and expert advisors, it is important that you understand how to install them correctly. This tutorial goes through the various steps that you must follow to accurately perform the required installations.

Step 1 :  Open MT4 platform -> Click "Files" -> Open Data Folder

Step 2 :  Click MQL4 FIle​

Step 3 : Put the mq4 / ex4 file into correct place

3 Main Files :

Expert Advisor -> Experts

Indicators -> Indicators

Supporting Files : .ex4 / .dll -> Libraries

                             .mqh       -> Include

Step 4 : Go Back to MT4 Platform -> Right Click "Refresh" 

Step 5 : Choose the EA and drop to expected chart (Be Careful on Currency & TimeFrame of Your Chart)

Step 6 : Tick 3 boxes -> Allow DLL imports & Allow import of external experts & Allow live trading

Step 7 : Make sure this "Auto Trading" is green

Step 8 : Make sure "Smile" icon


If you cannot follows the above, please watch YouTube


04 How to do Copytrade in MQL5

05 Consultation

If you did everything correctly but still not working, please contact us for further questions.