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Free Upgrade in same version (eg. V1.0-1.9)
Once upgrade to V2.0 upgrade fee is charged


Trend detector

Rules Breaker - Fully Automatised EA

has trustful internal parameter to detect which side would be the best choice to do range with MARTINGALE OR REVERSE MARTINGALE.

Orders can be opened as 3 different patterns:

  1. Only Buy

  2. Only Sell

  3.  Both Buy & Sell

The configuration is already done for users + perfect Risk control. No need any skilful management to do so.






【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】Signals Already Over 3400% Profit

Concept of RSB is catch trend with Martingale or Reverse Martingale


RulesBreaker has different internal parameter to control to trade different direction. Users no need to care about it . It will be only buy , only sell , or Both Side to trade. Every second is money , RulesBreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed.

EA RulesBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and portion of lots. It will start with Scalping Strategy.

Based on hedging price action orders starts ,the following protection orders with martingale.

90% of the market is doing Range or Swing. RulesBreaker focus on it. The risk is very controlled by stop loss function.


Main target of RulesBreaker  is to prevent a huge drawdown even we have tested it in 3000 USD real account and DD only 9%. You do not need any knowledge, the configuration is already done for you, we have tried in real account.


For we do not believe in any backtest result especially with multi currency strategy, we already have done real record 10000USD become 40000USD in a month. Brokers can not kill us, because RulesBreaker knows to avoid an huge holiday spread, huge spread during crossing the market .

Live Monitor:   Over 3400% Profit


For higher level users version :


Strategy involved :

  •  Scalping 

  •  Auto LotSize by account Balance

  •  Stop Loss Level of account equity

  •  Smart way to open order and close order

  •  Auto Calculate account currency to modify the profit and Stoploss( HKD USD EUR CAD AUD ) 

  •  Dynamic Tp to let Orders change tp to closer to breakeven when Orders reach a level .

  •  Dynamic Step Order

  •  Ma Filter to control Martingale orders open

  •  Pass range to control first orders open 

  •  Close all orders on Wed and Fri when DrawDown or Profit by USD 

  •  FullAuto mode to stop Trading Lv1 orders prevent from Big Range

  •  AutoSwitch Buy or Sell



Pairs and TimeFrame:

  • RulesBreaker already add a indicator table to show which pair are recommended to trade with RulesBreaker by different mode . 

  • Users also can choose your own pairs 

  • M1 chart 



Recommended balance 

  • 3000 USD to run 



  • Pairs - Already set default in the parameter , Users can choose which pairs to show in the indicator on the chart .

  • UseAutoLotSize

  • % - How many % of balance to start the first order . 

  • Use Slippage Detector - to detect the slippage or not .

  • Slippage allow by number of times - which means if 2 or more orders having a huge slippage more then 0.8pips , Ea will stop opening orders until restart the EA .

  • Lots 

  • MaximumLotSize Per Order 

  • MaxTrades - Limited by one direction of orders .

  • MaxSpread - To prevent a huge spread during market close and market open . It will not stoploss when Huge Spread .

  • Use Stoploss of the Account DD : Use Cut Loss when DD is bigger than amount of USD .

  • Close EA after StopLoss - which means if stoploss hit , shut down EA or keep opening new orders .

  • StopLoss by USD : When "Use Stoploss of the Account DD" is true , this variable can control when to stop the EA by USD .

  • Use Takeprofit by account profit - When Account profit reach a level of USD to close all orders and restart new orders or not .

  • Close BuySell when profit : by USD

  • Shut down EA after hitting Takeprofit - After "Use Takeprofit by account profit" is active , Ea shut down or not .

  • Auto Close orders and stop opening order  - Users allow to choose to close orders 

  • Close by USD during selected date - When profit or Drawdown reach the level by USD only the date you have selected 

  • EndHourMon - To control when to stop the EA when "Close by USD during selected date" also reached . -1 means Allow to trade all day . Broker Time Which shown on the Chart . 

  • Time to restart On Monday - When to start on Monday Morning to avoid huge spread and unstable range . 

  • AutoSwitch Buy or Sell - Default is true which means users no need to care about which direction to trade 

Recommended broker

  • We strongly suggest to use ONLY ECN broker with lower spread with 1:500 leverage , 5 digits . 


What's new

Version 1.1

Fixed bug with AutoLotSize

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