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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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A stable VPS can enhance the quality of trading. It comes preinstalled with everything you need, providing high speed and a reliable server.


Which location should I choose?

The location has already been preconfigured to Miami, USA.

Which Windows version should I choose?

The best operating system, Windows 2022, has been chosen for Inrexers.

How long will it take for my VPS to be ready?

Instantly. Your VPS is provisioned immediately after checkout. However, since it can take up to 15 minutes for Windows to finish installing, it is recommended to wait at least 15 minutes before connecting.

How many MetaTraders can your VPS run?

The Basic+ Plan can run up to 6 optimized MT4/5s. Visit our blog to learn more about optimizing your platforms. Our service is not limited to forex trading and can be used with any regular Windows Server application, as well as all types of trading (including automated trading), all brokers, and most software trading platforms. If you need help installing any trading software that is not pre-included, we are happy to assist.

What devices can I use to connect to my ForexVPS?

You can easily connect to your Forex trading VPS using Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can read more about how to access your VPS using RDP (Remote Desktop Program) and how to connect on Mac. Any other questions, just ask our 24/7 support team.

Which VPS company are you using for Inrexea VPS?

ForexVPS is our technical support company for Inrexea VPS.

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