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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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  • How to get a further support faster ?
    We will try our best to support all of you. We will do better and better. Please try to contact us on Telegram if you want faster support :
  • What methods of payment do we accept?
    For individual clients: We only accept cryptocurrency now. Please contact support for further support. For whitelabel members: We accpet debit cards, crypto as payment method.
  • Refund policy
    I am sorry that we do not provide any refund policy. Please be considered before any of your payments. However, we will keep upgrading and improving until the products are perfect. You may check more information here: Terms of use | Inrexea
  • How to install the products ?
    Please check the article - Installation and upgrades Contact us if you need further support :

Machines learning EA

✅ Compatibility with 10 MetaTrader 4 or 5 Accounts

✅Lifetime License for Continued Access

✅Comprehensive Strategy & Risk Management Guide

✅Remote Desktop Configuration Assistance

✅Premium Support Directly from the Developer

✅Copyright Protection for High-Quality Trading Experience

✅Regular Software Updates at No Additional Cost

License are protected:

USDT is accepted

Limited time sale this week

USDT payment is accepted

  • Best Value

    Bundle Life-Time MT4+MT5

    OIS, S9M, S10M, OP, SAN, future(LoJ)
    • ✅ First priority support
    • ✅ No limitation of activation
    • ✅ Full power on XAU and FX
    • ✅ More than 1 year record support
    • ✅ Fit any of capital
  • One Inch Slap

    Gold Scalper
    • ✅ News filters
    • ✅ 200% Monthly made
    • ✅ No  Martingale/ Grid / HFT
    • ✅ Passing propfirm and funded account
    • ✅ Scalping almost everyday
  • Slap all news

    Trade all news
    • ✅ 6 Main pair currency red news detection
    • ✅ Scalping with protion of lot
    • ✅ AI Pattern live detection
    • ✅ Inrexea Database analysis trends
    • ✅ 200USD to start
  • OverPower MT4/ MT5

    Prop Firm EA
    • ✅ Passed FTMO
    • ✅ Over 200 trades per week for Rebate miner
    • ✅ Catching momentum and scalping martingale
    • ✅ Machines learning analysis pattern
    • ✅ Revenge trade protection
  • Sup 10 Martingale

    MT4 + MT5 Life-time Database connection and EA
    • ✅ AI-Driven Trading Robots for Enhanced Performance
    • ✅ Straightforward Setup and Configuration
    • ✅ Unlock Passive Income Opportunities 24/7
    • ✅ Regular Updates and Performance Enhancements
    • ✅ Next-Generation AI Trading Robots
  • Sup 9 Martingale MT4+MT5

    weekly boost performance
    • ✅ Advanced Machine Learning and Neural Network Integration
    • ✅ Sophisticated Database-Controlled News Filters
    • ✅ Intelligent Martingale Strategy for Profit Maximization
    • ✅ No Manual Control Required
    • ✅ Exclusive Access to Real-Time Trend Analysis Database
  • InrexEA VPS

    Every month
    ForexVPS Basic+
    • 2.5 GB (2560 MB) RAM
    • 2 Cores CPU
    • 80 GB SSD Disk
    • Windows 2012/16/19/22
    • Dedicated IP address
  • Top up plan

    top up for special charge
    • Pamm or Other service
  • The Law of Jungle

    2200% in live ICMarkets account
    • One parameter to be set
    • Pure Scalping strategy
    • Breakeven protection
    • Full automatic EA
    • Trend and News detectors

Let’s talk about Numbers:


Over 2,000 Diverse Products Sold & Counting


Serving Clients in 32+ Countries


13 products founded since 2016

One Inch Slap EA

Get bored to only 10% monthly ?

Over Power EA

Prop firms Passed

Without Inrexea Database

No strategy is safe for long term.

Who said Martingale is risky??

The Law of Jungle

Pure Scalping x Quanlity > Quantity x Existing clients only

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