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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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Hollywood Writers' Strike Ends: What's Next?

The Hollywood writers' strike, which spanned five months, has finally concluded, leading to a notable shift in the television and streaming landscape. The settlement implies both gains and losses for the industry, pointing towards a reduction in new shows and a tighter renewal process.

Ending of “Peak TV” Era:

The settlement marks the end of the “peak TV” era, signaling fewer job opportunities and a contraction in show production. Even though writers secured significant concessions like bonus payouts and higher royalties, the industry faces a more stringent financial atmosphere.

Financial Realities and Cutbacks:

The entertainment business, burdened by debts and losses, especially in streaming services, is under pressure to curtail expenditures. The settlement will likely further limit the number of new shows, resulting in lesser work for the industry's talent despite the potential for better pay.

AI and the Future of Scriptwriting:

The deal allows for the use of AI in assisting script creation, albeit with significant protections for writers. It indicates a trend towards utilizing AI for creative processes, though human insight remains irreplaceable.

Viewership Data and Streaming Economics:

Streaming platforms will continue withholding viewership data, sharing only aggregated information with the Guild. The rise in streaming subscriptions and an urgent need for profitability hint towards further price hikes in streaming services, complicating choices for consumers.

Impact on Show Production:

Production on many popular shows remains on hold, with negotiations between studios and the Screen Actors Guild still underway. The new episodes and show resumptions may face significant delays, possibly extending into 2024.


In essence, the end of the writers’ strike and the new agreement brings mixed feelings. Writers secure better terms, yet the overall reduction in show production and a potential decline in opportunities present new challenges for Hollywood. The industry’s focus now lies in navigating these transitions, ensuring profitability, and adapting to emerging trends like AI assistance in creative processes.

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