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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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The Law of Jungle EA instruction

Updated: Jun 20

Price : $3250 USD Life License + Life upgrade 
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Expired on 1 JUL 2024

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Expired on 1 Aug 2024

Instruction Manual for "The Law of Jungle" (LOJ) Scalping System EA

Product Overview

Welcome to the "Law of Jungle" (LOJ), our advanced scalping system EA specifically designed for the XAUUSD/Gold market. This product is exclusively available to our loyal clients and those referred by them. Old clients can take advantage of a special discount code for additional savings.

Key Features

  1. Single Parameter Configuration:

  • Amount to Keep as Backup (not used for trading): This is the only parameter you need to set.

  • How It Works: You specify an amount that will be retained in your account and not used for trading. The rest of the money will be used to calculate the lot size, with the auto lot size function always enabled.

  • Example: If your account has $10,000 and you wish to keep $9,000 as backup and risk only $1,000, you would set the parameter to 9000. LOJ will handle the rest, optimizing your trading for long-term performance without any manual intervention.

  1. Minimum Requirements:

  • Capital: A minimum of $200 is required to run LOJ.

  • Account Type: An ECN or Raw spread account is a must. LOJ does not support cent accounts or brokers with 3-digit pricing.

  1. Breakeven Stoploss Function:

  • LOJ includes a breakeven stoploss function to secure your profits by moving the stoploss to the entry point once a trade has moved in your favour by a specified amount.

Performance on Live:

From our rigorous live testing, LOJ has delivered outstanding results:

  • Over 2000% profit in an ICMarkets account within 5 months (since January 2024).

  • Note: The testing environment was designed to stress-test the system. The client version of LOJ is balanced for safer, long-term trading.

Performance Client Version (Advanced Version):

Low Drawdown: The client version of LOJ is optimized for long-term stability and safety, ensuring a low drawdown of 4.21%. This means that the system is designed to minimize the risk to your capital, providing peace of mind and steady growth.

Backtesting result :

The backtesting results presented in the image summarize the performance of a trading strategy over a two-year period from 2022 to 2024. Here are the key points:

  1. Overall Performance:

  • Initial Deposit: $200.00

  • Total Net Profit: $49,617.82

  • Gross Profit: $50,902.87

  • Gross Loss: $1,285.05

  1. Risk Metrics:

  • Profit Factor: 39.61

  • Absolute Drawdown: $101.67

  • Maximal Drawdown: $11,735.20 (34.90%)

  • Relative Drawdown: 73.16% ($6,224.36)

  1. Trade Statistics:

  • Total Trades: 994

  • Profit Trades: 976 (98.19%)

  • Loss Trades: 18 (1.81%)

  • Short Positions Won: 531 (100.00%)

  • Long Positions Won: 463 (96.11%)

  1. Profit and Loss:

  • Largest Profit Trade: $1,372.95

  • Largest Loss Trade: $511.14

  • Average Profit Trade: $52.15

  • Average Loss Trade: $71.39

  1. Consecutive Wins and Losses:

  • Maximum Consecutive Wins (Profit in Money): 233 ($4,912.51)

  • Maximum Consecutive Profit (Count of Wins): $13,252.73 (74 trades)

  • Average Consecutive Wins: 54

  • Consecutive Losses: 2 (maximum loss $5.35)

  • Average Consecutive Losses: 1

Important Note:

Backtesting is only for reference. The results do not account for database control and news filters. Real market conditions, slippage, changes in market behavior, and other unforeseen factors can significantly affect actual trading performance. Therefore, while backtesting provides insights into how a strategy might perform, it is not a guarantee of future results.

Our Philosophy

At LOJ, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our scalping system is meticulously designed to deliver consistent, long-term gains with minimal risk, embodying our commitment to excellence in every trade.

Thank you for choosing "The Law of Jungle" Scalping System EA. We look forward to your success in the Gold market. For any queries or support, please get in touch with our customer service team.

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