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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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True Forex Fund Review NOV 2022

Updated: Nov 18, 2022


Rating before May 2022: 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ It was a good prop firm before because they don't have any restrictions on trading days. Therefore, we tested their overall service quality in May 2022, and there was no problem with the profitability. At that time, they didn't have their server. At that time, they used ICMarkets' demo server, and it was expected when the data with colossal trading volume was released. There will always be a Common Error that cannot be connected to the server. Still, this situation is entirely understandable because ICMarkets needs to make the traffic of the real account smoother, so it is very reasonable for the Demo server to flow first. It does not affect our profitable transactions.

Rating after May 2022: 1 Star Since they have their server without using ICmarkets DEMO accounts, my opinion on their server quality has changed completely.

There are a few significant issues that will be publicly recorded in snippets.

Videos from the author and subscribers, respectively. And what's disgusting is that they try to modify the chart's values.

Server Quality:

Under normal circumstances, trading is no problem, but their rules allow trading during the data release period, but they do not provide an ideal environment for traders to trade. This is unacceptable for regular traders, and this situation is another occurrence, not a single event.

Video 1: (Totally hanged the server ,and all orders delayed closing or opening during FOMC)

Video 2:(Totally hanged the server again after red news launched, Common Error )

We are reported by another trader in Discord that TFF did something about the price.

Please look at the time at 10:32.

Conclusion: We are concerned the most is the quality of the server. Since they changed their servers, the overall quality has dropped, which is far from the leading company FTMO because this unstable trading environment is unacceptable to any regular trader.

I am looking forward to optimising True Forex Fund and am confident in their withdrawal services. If they correct me, I will continue to participate in their program. Otherwise, we will not be using their service anymore.


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