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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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OpenEA - Upgrade History Page Continued update

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Our New OpenEA Upgrade History Page - Continuous Enhancements for Your Trading Experience

Fast access content :

11th NOV 2023

19th AUG 2023

11th NOV 2023 upgrade: Enhanced Trading Algorithms for OpenEA 📈: Now focusing on EURUSD, XAUUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY on the M5 timeframe.

19AUG2023 upgrade: Changed the strategy, it only works on EURUSD M5 now

13 MAY 2023 upgrade: We've implemented enhancements to the Inrexea Database Filters, now at Version 4.0. An AI voice alert feature has been introduced to communicate the AI's analysis more intuitively. We have incorporated dynamic Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) systems. To safeguard against different broker traps and disconnections, a Force Breakeven Stop Loss has been added. In order to prevent trading on Non-Farm Payroll Report (NFPR) days, we've included a feature to automatically stop all trades. Finally, the Inrexea Database has been upgraded to Version 4.0 to increase connection frequency and prevent delays across all nodes.

11th Apr 2023 upgrade:

Upcoming OpenEA Upgrade on April 14th: Enhancements for Better Performance

Hello Inrexers,

Key Upgrades:

  • Database Server: We've optimised our server to better process market data, which will enhance our trading algorithms. No action or downloads are needed from you, as the changes will be integrated automatically.

  • Trend Identification: We've refined our algorithms to provide improved trend analysis for different currency pairs, helping you develop better trading strategies.

  • Holiday Detector: We're introducing a feature that detects holidays, ensuring that your strategies aren't affected by sudden market closures or liquidity changes.


We are excited to announce the creation of a dedicated Upgrade History page for OpenEA. This page will keep track of all past, present, and future upgrades, ensuring transparency and easy access to information about our platform's enhancements.

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the best trading experience, we will continue to upgrade our database server and algorithms, refining their performance and accuracy.

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for your support as we work together towards a more efficient and successful trading journey.

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