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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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Sup 9 Grid instruction

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

80% from database analysis, 20% use brokers' data, always do not rely on brokers' data all the time.This is one of the concept to create our database products.

Sup 9 Grid

Concept of Sup 9 Grid EA:

S9G is an innovative, fully automatic forex trading program that incorporates the latest advancements in Machine Learning and dynamic grid strategy. It operates on 28 forex pairs, analyzing trends and broker quotes to make informed decisions about future price movements.

To maximize the system's efficiency, users must input the correct settings, which will be continuously updated with the most current information. S9G processes and analyzes extensive historical data using machine learning technology, quickly and efficiently identifying market patterns. Its low-risk approach is achieved through a dynamic grid strategy, ensuring optimal trading opportunities while minimizing potential losses.

With over 84 weeks of consistent performance records, S9G has proven itself as a reliable tool in the forex trading market. It also leverages advanced AI models, such as GPT-4, to analyze unstructured data like news, sentiments, and language, further enhancing its predictive capabilities. The system has the ability to execute trades on behalf of the user, automatically making trades based on its analysis and predictions.

Instruction: For instructions on how to use S9G and the installation process, please get in touch with us.

Our Commitment to S9G Users: We firmly believe in the concept of quality over quantity when it comes to forex trading products. Market saturation due to too many users employing the same strategy can lead to reduced performance and accuracy. To maintain the effectiveness of S9G, we reserve the right to cease selling new licenses at any time. This ensures that the product remains efficient and beneficial for traders, even as the number of users grows. By prioritizing quality over quantity, we guarantee that S9G continues to be a reliable and powerful tool for traders as the market evolves and changes.

Why do several brokers obtain different results? It fits the norm. If broker A persuaded more buyers on EURUSD, but broker B has more sellers, broker A would have a higher ask price. Then it will alter the logic that stops all users from opening the same pair independently. The question is whether or not to be a fish.


Main features :

  • No Parameter to be set; we do not suggest any .set file, just as we do not judge an EA with backtest result

  • Users only set up adding URLs into Web requests on MT4 and put EA on the chart.

  • Fully dynamic on controlling risk to every different capital user

  • Fully dynamic Takeprofit level, Steps control

  • Suitable for all prefix and suffix symbols

  • Can manage any capital of more than 1K USD

  • Account currency calculated into Auto lot size: JPY; GBP; CAD; AUD; HKD; EUR; SGD

  • The best pair on the main pairs related to USD; GBP; EUR; AUD; CAD; JPY; CHF; NZD


  • Not one chart setup users need to put on all signal pairs (We have reason to do with signal way)

  • 1:500 Leverage

  • M5

Special features :

  • Obtain the trend of pairs from the database.

  • (Do not rely solely on info from brokers)

  • News filtration

  • Invisible Dynamic Trailing TP

  • All pairings maintain communication to determine the actual trend.

  • To capitalise on a genuine trend and breakthrough via scalping.

  • Auto period detector for controlling a Scalping Special Spread and Slippage Monitor system as well as Hopping Spread protection systems (Upgraded new function)

  • No parameters to configure, straightforward to operate.

  • Next dynamic grid level with order maximums

Live Monitoring:

Sup 9 Grid result


Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future. Please run on Demo before going to live. Always start from lower risk and learn how to control a robot.

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