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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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Sup 9 Scalper Instruction

Updated: Feb 1

Upgraded : Sup 9 Scalper 6 upgraded:

Added a new function: which can detect your manual trade, and s9s will go on the portion of lot trading for you, protecting your first decision. 

Be reminded that it will detect all trades in the symbol, SO DO NOT USE IT WITH OTHER TRADES.

Revenge trade protector to recover your wrong decision.

Please read carefully>>>>

Sup 9 Scalper can make 150 - 500 trades per day in Live trading environment, so tester is not functional.

Try your best to read all of the instructions here....................

A strong recommendation, do not share the ID; only use it yourself.

All friends or related are not allowed.

Please withdraw profit daily/ weekly until 100% has been made.

Like the S9M, the worst case is a total loss; sometimes, when the drawdown is high, do not scare and let it finish its job.

Sup 9 Scalping uses the method of Portion of Lot, which means it will open many orders in a period.

Unlike those original scalpers, the slippage killed most of them.

What is the portion of the lot Scalping?

The portion of lot Scalper helps to avoid those HFT restrictions from the prop firms.

And also traps from slippage of the brokers.

Key Highlights:

  1. Primary Objective: Enable traders to maximize commission rebates by targeting an ambitious 500 trades per day through precision scalping.

  2. Underlying Strategy: Our bespoke portion of lot scalping technique is not just about rapid trades but also guarantees protection from the diverse traps laid out by brokers.

  3. Exclusivity in the First Round: To honor our longstanding relationship, we're offering the Sup 9 Scalper initially to our old and esteemed clients. This exclusivity ensures you have the first-mover advantage in leveraging this groundbreaking tool.

  4. Limited Licenses: Only 25 licenses are available in the first round. This ensures that each trader has our undivided attention, ensuring optimum performance.

  5. Post First-Round Plan: The journey doesn’t end after the first round. We will meticulously analyze the performance. Based on our findings and ensuring the best interests of our community, we'll decide whether to launch a second round or make it a limited-edition tool.

  6. Ideal Account Types: The Sup 9 Scalper is tailored for raw spread/ECN account types. Moreover, it's also compatible with FTMO, providing you with greater flexibility.


MarginLevel = 250 >> Which means it will not open order if the margin level is lower than this

OrdersAllowPerday >> No more new orders if closed orders over this

maxSpread >> will not open the order if Spread is higher than this.

UseSLbyAccDD >> True = use stoploss

Stoploss by account Currency = 9500 means drawdown > 9500 will close all orders.

Don't use it with another EA in the same account.

1. Make sure you have this type of account. NO STANDARD ACC.

2. On a Gold M1 chart, set up Webrequest and add your ID.

3. Like with other Sup 9 products, take out your profit daily until you've gotten back what you started with.

4. You need $1,000 to start; using 1:500 or 1:1000 is best.

5. Try to do 100 daily trades, aiming for $50.

6. The much capital to run is preferred.

7. Always keep 0.01 within 10K USD.

* If You Want to Take More Risk:

* With $200,000, set 0.4 lot (or $5,000 with 0.01).

* Aim to pass in 10 days.

* Set a stop loss at $9,250 to $9,500 (4.5%).

* If You Want to Take Less Risk:

* Set 0.2 lot (or $10,000 with 0.01).

* Aim to pass in 20 days.

* Set a stop loss at (4.5%) of your capital.

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