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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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06FEB2023 Daily analysis + weekly analysis

Last Friday, I made an accurate judgment of the downward trend. From the analysis of 1951, we can see that this website continues to judge the decline. No buy orders can be made. This article will analyze how the big market in the coming week will need to be laid out and how we will interpret this wave of the market.

We will need to be careful not to start a long strategy quickly, as the price of gold will likely continue to test levels around 1800. I will continue to build short positions before the trend reverses again.

Overall Resistance (Must Watch) 1895-1904

We want to sell if the price hits this area.

Support 1820-1823

And we will further analyze whether there will be any sign or change of momentum around 1820.

For today, I suggest giving a break and observing; usually, after a massive impact from FOMC/NFPR, it will provide a range and a little retracement. No need to decide at the moment.

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