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Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience

Providing 6 Stars Expert Advisor Experience



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Result of 27JAN2023 analysis on XAUUSD

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

What do you think?

Gold has been fluctuating for 7 consecutive times in 1920 and has received support, but I believe it cannot continue. If there is a breakthrough, today would be a better opportunity and I believe there will be a clearly downward breakthrough. Strategy A: sell limit. Enter the short position in the middle area resistance 1932-1933, target 1900, stop loss 1938.

Strategy B: sell stop. A more conservative strategy, confirm the downward breakthrough 1921 before opening a short position, target 1900, stop loss 1925.


Today I am not going to trade live due to personal affair. Please take care of risk if I am incorrect.


We had a happy trading in the group on Friday.

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